Camping Wyzwanie is located in Klaniny Wybudowanie at the Wda river. Until recently, the facility was run by a nice couple of hosts from the Netherlands – Hans and Ria, but the owner has changed. In 2017 our friends were running the facility for the last time. The current host, Piotr, who is certainly known to many visitors, will continue their challenge.

Location of Camping Wyzwanie

Thanks to its location, the Camping is a great place to start your sightseeing:

  • Odry – stone circles
  • Fojutowo – aqueduct
  • Szymbark – upside down house
  • Wirty – wooden plants garden
  • Tricity – only 1 hour away
  • Malbork and Czersk
  • Starogard Gdański

It is a perfect place to rest, leave the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy beautiful views, peace and tranquillity. As we all know, relax is one of the most important parts of our life. So it is worthy to use the leisure time well. This opportunity is provided by Camping Wyzwanie. Our facility is located in the meanders of the Wda river, Klaniny 51. Its picturesque views encourage to visit the facility. We offer to all tourists and visitors:

Attractions of Camping Wyzwanie

  • summer bungalows;
  • campsite;
  • spacious parking for campers with electricity available (6 A;
  • nudist beach;
  • bar with WiFi and TV;

Camping Wyzwanie also offers:

  • organizing kayaking trips;
  • organizing integration parties;
  • hall rental for celebrations (wedding, first communion, anniversary)

How can you spend your leisure time at our Camping?

Additionally, you can:

  • go mushrooming;
  • organize a campfire or a grill;
  • organize a feast with your friends;
  • play volleyball or basketball;
  • take your pet with you. All animals are welcome in Klaniny.

One of our attractions is a nudist beach. Its existence is unique in the region.

So if you want to get your mind and body in harmony with all that’s beautiful, do not hesitate and visit us. Everything we offer will make your time at our centre unforgettable. Camping Wyzwanie is incredibly popular from May to October. Spring invites you with nature waking up, summer offers kayaking trips, and autumn offers fruits of the forest.


In order to book your stay contact us via e-mail or by phone.