Camping Wyzwanie

Wyb. Klaniny 51
83-262 Czarna Woda


+48 608 284 993
+48 604 555 191
+48 660 721 700

We also speak German.

Coordinates:  53.821300; 18.180260

The camping is located about 8 kilometres from road no. 22 between Chojnice and Starogard Gdański. In Lag, drive in direction of Złe Mięso/Osieczna. After the unguarded railroad crossing, turn left and drive in direction of Zimne Zdroje. Go all the way through the main road in the direction of Osieczno. After passing Zimne Zdroje, turn left to a dirt road in the woods (signpost showing direction to Klaniny.) Continue through this way until there is a tree circled by a wooden fence on your left. Turn into this road – and after some dozen meters, you are at your destination. Welcome to Kemping Wyzwanie.