Cottage rental

  • 4-person cabins – PLN 280 / day
  • 5-person cabins – PLN 325 / day (One more person can be accommodated for an additional fee.)
  • Dutch houses (carawan) for 6 people – PLN 370 / day

Additional fees:

  • Each additional person PLN 40 / day
  • Energy according to the meter reading
  • Obligatory fee (cleaning) PLN 50 / stay
  • Stay less than 5 days (bed linen fee) 10 PLN / person


The day at the campsite begins at 3 PM, and ends at noon the next day.

Adult 15 zł
Children under 3 0 zł
Children under 15 12 zł
Parking the car 15 zł
Small caravan trailer 15 zł
Large caravan trailer 20 zł
Small tent 15 zł
Medium tent 20 zł
Large tent 25 zł
Caravan vestibule 15 zł
Small camper (motorhome) 22 zł
Camper (motorhome) up to 3,5 t 30 zł
Camper (motorhome) over 3,5 t 40 zł
Cargo trailer 10 zł
Electrical connection 15 zł
Daily stay at the campground 10 zł
Motorcycle parking 10 zł
The fee for a dog 10 zł
Deposit for the gate remote control 100 zł

Guests have access to sanitary facilities, including showers with hot water.
Lighting bonfires and barbecues is only possible in designated areas. It is forbidden to obtain firewood from the surrounding woods on your own. It is possible to purchase it in the resort, please ask for details at the bar/reception.

We also organize kayaking trips. We have 10 double kayaks.
Price: PLN 20 per person per hour.

Attention !!! There is a night-time silence at the resort from 11 PM to 7 AM.

Payment with cash only